Hi, I’m Pattukkaaran. My name in Tamizh means ‘The Music Guy’. You must’ve seen me. Remember the guy with the headphones on, all the time , nodding his head at the elevator? And the guy who is seen constantly browsing through Youtube videos for music, in the office? Oh, I’m sure you remember that guy who’s forever pointing out the glitch in nth second of a track that’s just out. How can you forget this boy who goes on and on about lyrics of a certain song?

Yes I’m the one. Glad to meet you finally 😊

Welcome aboard!

The music I grew up listening to, the songs my parents fell in with love with, the soundtrack that I’m yet to lay my hands on, the lyrics that moved me, the tunes that I feel are ‘meh’ (but just might change my opinion), the notes that stunned me… You’ll discover all these and a lot more here.

Put on the headphones and join the musical ride 🎧

Konjam detailed “self boast” here!

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