Hey Nijame!

Do you have that ONE song? The one that you wanna keep safe & yours for a long time? One that you are possessive about? Rn, in my life.. I’d say this is THAT song. Hey Nijame from Enai Noki Paayum Thota.

Back in the last week of August 2019, I heard this song for the 1st time and got completely blown away by this sublime beauty.

Ever since I watched ‘Begin Again’, I wanted to do this music date with a single device & 1 to 2 aux cable (Y Splitter). Me & my fiancé (back then, we weren’t in a relationship. I proposed to her and I was actually expecting a reply) were travelling back from a friend’s wedding and we decided to do it.. I played this song for her and we ended up listening to it on repeat :’) Maybe that’s why I’m possessive about this song. Day-dreaming about her on a Monday morning & the Curfew outside I miss her face already. This song is making me miss her more. With less than 2 months to our big day, I really hope Corona fades away and things come back to normal. Please do pray for me!

In the film, when this number begins, Dhanush mentions that Megha Akash took him to a Trance state. That’s exactly what this song does to me.

The song starts subtly and Bombay Jayashri splashes tons of love with her stupendous voice.. extremely warm! This track sounds soo much Thamarai-ish but is actually penned by Madhan Karky. I L-O-V-E every single word of this song. I wonder what exactly Gautham narrated to Darbuka Siva and Karky, for them to brew something like this.. This is hands-down the BEST track in Enai Noki Paayum Thota to me; It definitely deserves more love and of course, more reach. I’d easily place this one in the ‘Top 5 songs’ in a Gautham movie.

I’d quote the entire song for my ‘favorite lyrics’ part, but if you ask me specifically.. I’d say these 2 –

நிற்காத பாட்டாக உன் காதில் நான்
வீழாத உற்சாக ஊற்றாக நீ


வாசத்தின் வாசலில் தோரணம் நான்
வார்த்தைகள் தித்திக்கும் காரணம் நீ

I hope you all listen and love ‘Hey Nijame’ more. Please write to me about how much you loved it.

See you soon! Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 Bye!