The Landing

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For the 1st time, a post about a score on Pattukkaaran. This one is super close to my heart & I’m possessive about it.

I suggest you play the score as you read this post!

The Landing from First Man by Justin Hurwitz it is! First Man comes from my favorite director Damien Chazelle… Yes, the same guy who made Whiplash, La La Land. Both the films being my favorite I was waiting for First Man… The film brought Damien, Ryan Gosling & Justin together again after La La Land. I suck at keeping track of English films. It was one of those seasons where I was totally swamped with work. My friend Barath (who keeps track of all language films) booked tickets for the movie and took me to Palazzo, IMAX. Till we reached the theater, I had no clue which movie we were gonna watch. And on arrival, I realised it was First Man. But, I had not yet seen the trailer of the movie. I was going to witness the first visual content of the movie, directly in theaters. Oh, btw… This was my 1st IMAX experience.

I was in for a treat. The film is based on the Moon landing of Neil Armstrong. The performances, visuals, music… I was in awe!!! Especially this score, “The Landing” elevates the scene to a different level. The score, The Landing is played, when Apollo 11 enters Moon’s orbit and lands finally. The Landing sequence and the sequences of the moon were shot in IMAX and I hope everyone gets to experience that on IMAX, but for now… check this YouTube link. The scene moved me to tears and the score made me emotional af. Probably the only time, I cried in theater without realising that I’m crying. As the scene ended, Barath shook me and asked “Enya Azhuvura!?!”, that’s the moment I realised it and wiped off my tears.

As soon as I came home, I blasted my speakers with the score… It was around 2 AM, I just sat down near my room’s door and I just looked up… The dark space, stars and THE MOON! I don’t know, till date the score moves me. Rarely, a piece of music from an English film does that to me. This score tops the list.

I wanted to know the thought process behind the score. I found this gem of a video! Do watch it. It’s better you listen to the score, watch the video and then you catch the interview for best experience. In an interview Justin said “First Man’s score is basically a mixture of orchestra, vintage electronic and a few original sounds that were designed for the score as well. We wanted to create something that felt futuristic in the 1960s – and I think that’s what the theremin and some of the modular synthesisers give us.” The warmth & experience the score of First Man gives us is different.

P.S: If this piece moves you, we are friends. Please DM me.

Play this score, close your eyes & get lost! 🙂

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