Chi… Chi… Chi…!

It was 2005, I was in my 9th standard and just back from Punjab. The phase where I started burning all my pocket money in music. Since the day I saw the paper ad of Majaa stating “Audio soon”, I was quite excited about the film. It was for many reasons

1 – Vidyasagar after Chandramukhi
2 – Vikram after Anniyan
3 – ASIN ❤️

Both Vikram and Vidyasagar came together for this movie after their anticipated, most appreciated films. I learnt that it’s a remake of a Malayalam film and at that point of time, with not soo good access to Malayalam movies & songs I hadn’t watched the original. I waited for the audio launch and grabbed my copy of cassette “suda suda” on the audio launch morning and went to school. I went home and almost forgot listening to the album and days just passed. After couple of weeks, I was waiting at the bus stop and I happened to hear the hook “Chi… Chi… Chi…” playing in some FM, it immediately grabbed my attention. I missed a bus and waited till the song got over and concentrated fully on the FM till the RJ mentioned the album name! It was “Majaa‘. I rushed home, found the cassette and played the album on my headphones (Just that didn’t wanna be judged by my Amma :P). If I’m right, it was the 1st song in Side-B. Yes, it is! Plugged in my earphones and played the song fully. I looped it for some 8-10 times. I just can’t get over the song. Even though it had the naughty hook, I didn’t find the song skippable.

I was actually blown away by the 1st interlude, that kicks in at 00:52. Gosh! The next day, when I went to school I had a brief discussion about the song with my friends & the girls gave me a ‘judgemental’ look. Culprits had already listened to the song and I was late to the party. The song just grew on me and I looped it atleast for the next two months. I didn’t watch the movie at that point of time and just like any other middle-class household in Tamil Nadu, my parents disconnected the Cable TV in our home (En padippu kettu poidumam!). So, obv… my only source of watching a song was Sun TV & it got cancelled. But, through my friends I learnt that many were scandalised (read sensualised) by the visuals of the song. I was curious AF to get to watch it. But, you know how it works right? Every time the song played, there were Mom’s, Dad’s, Chiththi’s, Chithappa’s, Thatha’s, Paati’s, Onnu Vitta Chithappa’s around me & I had to change the channel every single time (I had to maintain the good boy image). I kept pushing my eye balls away from watching the song, even after completion of school I kept changing channel whenever the song came on TV. But, then came a day! Watched the song on a DVD and I found it absolutely aesthetic. The song! The visuals!! ASIN!!! Soo perfect. I fell extra for the song & for Asin ofc!

It opens with the ‘Chi… Chiii…’ & the ‘Pithu Pidikkirathe… Thottu Vittadhale…’ doesn’t sound like Shankar Mahadevan at all! I loved the way, various vocals brought in different textures for the song. THE Shankar Mahadevan, Harini (OMG), Viji & Savitha. Penned by one of my favorite lyricist Yuga Bharathi & Composed by Vidyasagar sir 🙂 Like, I mentioned above… The 1st interlude just gulps me in the song… the underlying Piano’s charm (1:24-1:29 | 1:34-1:39) is unmatchable. God-damn, the flutes in the 2nd interlude too! Okay, was talking about the audio part before, the video… the song set in a wedding set-up starts with a Naatupura song and ends on a high, leaving you on a high with some fab voices. I adore the way Vidyasagar married the actual song and prelude and climax bit songs. Visuals of this song is another lovely work by the team. They’ve shot in 1.5X and slow-mo’ed on the edit table I guess with the available tech at that point of time.

உன் கொலுசு மணி போல
நான் சிணுங்கி சிணுங்கியே கிடக்க!

என் வயசு பதனீறு
நீ கலந்து கலந்து தேன் குடிக்க!!

Every song is an experience. This song is one extra-ordinary experience. I suggest you to sit back, close your eyes & listen to this song now in a headphone! After the headphone experience, watch the visual. I’m sure you’ll love the song lil extra 🙂 Nan Guarantee!

See you soon in a brand new blog post! Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 Bye!