Uyiril Thodum ❤️

Got your earphones on?

Do you remember that phase in your life when you liked someone & you started talking to them? You might have also spent hours thinking on how to start a conversation with them through texts and ended up meeting them often and eventually, fell in love! 🙂 This song reminisced about that phase to me! Exactly that! 🙂

The film came out exactly during that time period.. when this “special” person came into my life. The song in particular, never fails to put a big smile on my face and reminds me of my gorgeous lady and her radiant smile! We watched this film together & this song has a special place in our Mix-Tape & Playlist.

Jumping into the Music.. I’ve been observing Sushin Shyam’s work for quite sometime and tbh, Uyiril Thodum wasn’t a surprise to me. I liked his work Kismath, Ezra, Maradona & Varathan. His treatment for Kumbalangi Nights was quite chill, real, authentic to the characters and geography of the film.

Uyiril Thodum has been picturised using Bobby & Baby played by Shane Nigam & Anna Ben. The song shows the core of their relationship. They haven’t lip sync’d to the song but yet they spark their love for each other as subtly as possible :’) The song speaks about Bobby, Baby & their love. If you have watched Kumbalangi Nights (If you haven’t, drop everything & watch the film right away. It’s streaming on Prime), you know that the male lead, Bobby used to listen to ambient, electronic music & the male rendition in this song is set in that mood. It shows how Bobby’s personality is actually unraveled with the type of music he listens to. The song travels with their love and slowly becomes gentle and deep. It musically and visually shows that both, Bobby & Baby live in a cute little world of their own & they’re happy being there 🙂

This number is beautifully sung by Sooraj Santhosh, Anne Amie & has some amaze-max lyrics by Anwar Ali. Anne Amie sounds soo pure and she strikes the right love chords. Coming to the lyrics part, I barely understood Malayalam at that point of time but I liked this song from what I understood. Later I came across a blog that decoded the lyrics of this song and got my mind-blown.

My favorite line is

"Uyiril Thodum Thalir Viralavane Nee,
Arike Nadakkane, Alayum Chudu Kattininu Koottay"
(You be the finger that touches the soul..
Walk alongside me to cross the hot air.)


"Vazhiyorangal Thorum,
Thanalayee Padarchilla Nee,
Kudayay Nivarnnu Nee,
Novaaraathe Thoraathe Peyke.."  
(You have been the shadowy branches all along the path way,
You have been the umbrella, during unceasing rains of pain..) 

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I did. If you came to know about this song only via this post, write to me about how much you loved it! See you all soon with another favorite song of mine!

Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 bye!