Yaaridamum Thondravillai Idhu Pol :)

Headphones On?

Here goes the 1st post about a track by Harris Jayaraj on Pattukkaaran 🙂

After the massive success of Manmadhan, Simbu announced ‘Thotti Jaya’ with V Z Durai (Director of Mugavari) for which the music was by Yuvan Shankar Raja. My expectations tripled seeing the announcement, but later Yuvan came out of this project due to his previous commitments (He composed 1 song for the film that got featured in the film but not in the album 😒). Thotti Jaya wasn’t a successful film Box-Office wise, but it did have a fans for itself. It’s the 1st film I watched at a theatre multiple times. Thrice!

I had this habit of rushing to the music shop on the the day of a film’s audio launch, after seeing the paper ads. I surfed through dailies just to keep myself updated about audio launches and hence grabbed my copy of Thotti Jaya cassette and came back home to see what Harris had kept in his bag for Simbu. The previous year (2004), they’d done “Kovil”, which was both a blockbuster & a chartbuster. On seeing the tracklist on the Side-B of the cassette, I noticed “Yaaridamum..” by Harini & Ramesh Vinayagam, penned by Thamarai, listened to it without any further delay and loved it instantly. Harris is an expert in adding crystals of happiness to songs. You can sing any song of his with a smile on your face. Literally (Even Venmanthi, Anjala..). TRY! NOW!! You did, Right? & His interludes in this song were absolutely frigging beautiful!

Harini’s voice is the glitzy tip of this song! Also, Thamarai. Her narration in this one is something I love more than her other works. See this,

ஆ: விரல்களின் மோதிரங்கள் நீக்கினேன்
உன் விரல் தேடி வந்து கோர்க்கிறேன்..
பெ: இந்தச் சொல்லும் இந்த கணமும் நிற்கட்டும்
நமை வானம் வந்து ஈரக்கையால் வாழ்த்தட்டும்..

It’s more of a poetic conversation between the leads. Also, Ramesh Vinayagam, who actually elevates the song!

கார்மேகம் வந்து மோதியே
ஒரு விண்மீன் இன்று சில்லுச்சில்லாய் சிதறுதே..

This line sums up the ENTIRE FILM!

But, you know what sucks? Taking out a song like this from the film. It hurts! Not many are aware about this beauty’s existence. Only a few who follow music keenly know about it. You really can’t handle the way your fellow friends react to the question, ‘Indha Paatu Theriyadha?’.

You may criticize Harris but you can’t complain his eargasmic melodies. You can never ignore him! It’s sad that kids, to whom we ask “Enna da pa vayasu unakku?” Don’t understand who Harris is!

Okay, Vidai Perugiren. I really hope this post made you revisit the song. See you all soon with another one from my “favourites” collection! 🙂 Please write to me if you have any memories associated with this song. Would be really glad to read’em! 🙂

Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 Bubye!