Kaadhalenum Thervezhudhi Kaathirundha Maanavan Naan!

Got your headphones On? Play this one in the maximum volume possible. (Chuck the Phone warning & listen to it in full volume)

This song was introduced to me through my Chithappa’s Wedding Tape! I was in my 3rd or 4th standard I guess. As a kid you’d have always been attracted to peppy tunes and melodies wouldn’t have really been your cup of tea. Same applied to me. I loved ‘Oh Maria..’ from Kadhalar Dhinam more than this track, even visually.

But, days passed.. ‘Oh Maria..’ faded away and ‘Kadhalenum Thervezhudhi..’ was a constant in my Mix Tape. Even today, Before writing this piece, this song bumped into my shuffle and I thought “Why not this one for today?”. I had another song in my mind a few minutes back! But, Yea.. Changed! 😌

I love the fact that earlier, composers never cut down the duration of songs for the sake of FMs and Streams! This particular song runs for 6 minutes and 41 seconds & you’ll never feel like its lengthy. Every tune & every song from those days is magic. I wonder how composers have the heart to cut down the magic for some reasons 🙄

Penned by Kavignar ‘Vaali’ & Sung by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam & Swarnalatha [God, she can never be replaced, can she?] This beauty is composed by Isai Puyal A R Rahman. I absolutely love the combo of A R Rahman & Vaali more than Rahman’s works with other lyricists. I can’t imagine anyone else other than Swarnalatha singing this one. Such an emollient voice she has!!!

Also Kathir! Yes! I’m HUGE.. HUGE.. HUGE fan of his work in Idhayam. Except Idhayam which is by Ilaiyaraaja, all his other notable works are by A R Rahman. The electrifying combo has delivered some chartbusters like Uzhavan, Kadhal Desam, Kadhalar Dhinam & Kadhal Virus. All songs in their combo are penned by Vaali except one track in Kadhal Virus & one in Uzhavan which is by Kathir himself.

I admire, how ARR built the song in such a satisfying manner! Like, look how it flows like an undisturbed river stream. The super charming interludes with strings and the way SPB starts off the 1st Saranam is just WOW!

To quote my most favorite lyric from the song, It is

இது கன்னங்களா இல்லை தென்னங்கள்ளா?
இந்தக் கன்னமெல்லாம் உந்தன் சின்னங்களா??
இங்கு நானிருந்தேன் வெறும் மெய்யெழுத்தாக..
நீ வந்து சேர்ந்தாய் உயிரெழுத்தாக!

Signing off. I really hope this post made you revisit the song. See you all soon with another one from my “favourites” collection! 🙂 Please write to me if you have any memories associated with this song. Would be really glad to read’em! 🙂

Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 Bubye!