Engleesu Lovesu!

We all have a song which never fails to put a smile on our face! “Engleesu Lovesu…” is one such song for me…

I’ve been following Amit Trivedi’s work super close since Ishaqzaade days. The reason I used “super close” is coz I’ve even watched all his Interviews. Probably after Yuvan Shankar Raja, the only artist I followed super close is AT. I desperately wanted him to do a direct Tamil film, which didn’t happen till date. In Telugu, he did. Back in 2019, I got this golden opportunity to work in Dhanush’s English film “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” [Kanna, laddu thinna aasaya!?!]. UKW, The Indian score of the film is by Amit Trivedi & they dubbed the movie & songs in Tamil [Kanna, rendavathu laddu thinna aasaya!?!] 🙂

Since the day producer told me that the film’s songs are by Amit Trivedi, I got super hyped and counted the days for the single release. The D-Day came! I remember the date, June 7th 2019 it is! “Engleesu Lovesu” from Pakkiri (Tamil dubbed version of The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir) dropped. The 2:31 long, YouTube version is what I watched 1st. I don’t know, I watched it with a big stupid smile on my face. It was one of the days in my bad phase, but the song made me completely forget that shit-storm. That’s the magic of good music you see 🙂

The Pakkiri – Rajakumaraguru Lakshmipathy aka Raja from India falls for the abroad beauty Marie & BOOM, his love blooms. With the help of lyrics penned by Madhan Karky & sung by Dhanush, the song glides smoothly in our ear-drums right from 00:00. The flute glush and under-lying guitar rhythm’s puts us in the “candy store” vibes! Happy!! Dhanush kicks off with “ஏ காத்தே எதிர்காத்தே, உன் வாசங் கொஞ்சம் மாத்தேன்…” & the euphony of the song & the lyrics goes smooth with contrast visuals. Even though the song is shot in Paris, the song feels very local and native not just because of the lyrics, it’s also because of Dhanush’s rendition. It’s heart-felt, simple, full of love. The flute piece which is filled throughout the song makes us feel lite and gel well with the melody. The interlude humming by Jonita Gandhi is pure icing on the cake. GOSH You have to feel that. I don’t wanna talk more about this. I want you to feel this song. You might think that I’m exaggerating, but… I suggest you plug in your earphones, play this song, close your eyes and LISTEN TO IT! 🙂

Not many are aware of this gem, as a Pattukkaaran it’s my duty to expose you guys to good music. I hope you like this one.

பேசு நீ பேசு டீ
சுத்தம் ஆவேனடீ
அத்தம் கித்தமெல்லாம்
ஏ வேணாமடீ

ஓ ஆச ஓராசதேன்
கேக்க பேராசதேன்
வாழ்க்க பூராவுமே
நா ஒங்கூடத்தேன்

ஏ புள்ள பரவால்ல
ஒரு அன்னந்தண்ணி வேணா
நீ வந்தப் பொறவால
ஏ மூச்சுக்காத்தும் வேணா

உன்னப் பாத்துக்கிருந்தா
சொர்கம் அதுதேன்
வார்த்த ஒண்ணு நீ எம்மேல வீச
இங்லீஸு லவ்ஸுதேன்

See you soon!

Your’s lovingly
Pattukkaaran 🙂