Loosu Penne ♪

Got this song on your headphones? Sincere apologies for the super late post. Thanks to the souls who messaged asking for the post!

I had no idea of writing this today. But, for past 3 days, I’ve been looping to this song. You might be a fan of Rahman, Harris or anybody else, but if you are a 90s kid.. I bet you are a fan of this song no matter what! Thanks to the FMs, Sun Music & its scroll messages 😛

Vallavan is the second album from #YSRnSTR. The combo struck gold after Manmadhan with this one too. I was in 9th Standard then, The routine follow-ups of paper ads with ‘வெகு விரைவில் இசை’, ‘விரைவில் இசை’, ‘நாளை முதல் இசை’ & ‘இன்று முதல் யுவனின் துள்ளலான இசை’ happened and I rushed to the local music store and grabbed a copy of Vallavan audio cassette. I flipped the cassette and checked the tracklist. It had whooping 9 tracks! But, this track grabbed my attention, “Loosu Penne..” – The lyrical debut of Silambarasan. I forwarded, rewinded the cassette to find the exact timestamp of ‘Loosu Penne..’.

The 1st listen hit me hard, the song sounded soo damn fresh. Back then I had no ears for English songs, so obviously I wasn’t exposed to Hip-hop. But, this is the 2nd Hip-Hop number I heard in Tamil after ‘Boom Boom’ from Raam. What I love the most about this song is its lyrics. Penned by STR, who has done a mini-tribute to his favourite Vaali, in

"வாலி போல பாட்டெழுத எனக்கு தெரியலையே
உன்ன பத்தி பாடாம தான் இருக்க முடியலையே”

Also, the rap-verses by Blaaze! Big-Up to him! Especially, the final one..

"You may not know…
know right now…
The pain I feel… it is so real…
And no matter where… the future lies…
I see right now… only you and I… Only you and I… Only… you… and I… Yeah!”

I’m a BIG fan of how the rap-verses get extended and of the humming that follows it. Also, I’ve mentioned a zillion times before that I’m a fan of songs that lasts for more than 6 minutes and this one runs for 6 minutes and 52 seconds. DUDE! I’ve NEVER skipped this song even once in all these years.

I’ve memorised the song / forced myself to mug-up the song in an hour just to sing the song next day in my class room. Almost 13 years since the release, this song’s visual still stand out as one of the best visuals for me. Equal credits to Priyan and Antony for the capture & cuts. Gotta admit the fact that, this song did put a pressure on fellow lyricists to come up with simple lyrics at that point of time. However it’s over-done now & I’m not liking the standard of lyrics coming out nowadays 🙁 Man, it sucks!

Okay, Cya. I really hope this post made you revisit ‘Loosu Penne’. See you all soon with another one from my “favourites” collection! 🙂 Please write to me if you have any memories associated with this song. Would be really glad to read’em! 🙂

Yours truly, Pattukkaaran 🙂 Bubye!